Barrette, Martin

Martin Barrette obtained a bachelor’s degree in forest management and environment from Laval University, which allowed him to spend one year at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. During his master’s degree at Laval University, he studied the natural dynamics of balsam fir – yellow birch stands and described the pre-industrial landscape of the high hills of the lower Saint-Maurice region. During his Ph. D., still at Laval University, he described the pre-industrial landscape of Anticosti Island, and studied the combined effect of deer chronic browsing and clear-cutting on the maintenance of fir stands. He also studied the regeneration dynamics of white spruce stands. In 2009, he joined the Direction de la recherche forestière of the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs. Since then, his research aims to support the sustainable management of Québec’s public forests. He studies the productivity, successional dynamics, resilience and naturalness of managed forests.

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