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Raymond, Patricia

Patricia Raymond is a forest research scientist who graduated from Laval University (B. Sc., 1996, M. Sc., 1998, Ph. D., 2004). She specializes in silviculture by studying natural regeneration methods such as regular shelterwood cutting (master’s degree) and group selection cutting (Ph. D.). In 2002, she joined the mixedwood silviculture research team at the Direction de la recherche forestière. Her interest in the ecology and silviculture of temperate mixedwood forests got her to focus her work on developing regeneration methods inspired by natural dynamics and compatible with ecosystem management. In 2006, she set up a research program on irregular shelterwood systems. She wrote several scientific and extension publications, became scientific co-editor of the Guide sylvicole du Québec Volume 2 in 2010, and then associate editor for the journal Forest Science in 2013. Since 2016, she is developing silvicultural scenarios aiming to facilitate forest adaptation to climate change, based on resistance, resilience and transition strategies. Her most recent research project focuses on the abiotic and biotic constraints to assisted migration of tree species using provenance analogues to current, mid-century and end-of-century climates.

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