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Sport fishing in Québec including salmon fishing
Main rules - Season 2018-2020
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To fish anywhere in Québec, a non-resident must possess a Québec sportfishing licence. However, the licence is not obligatory to fish in the waters of a national park of Canada or in a fish pond (see the section Special rules for certain territories). The spouse and children of a non-resident may, in some cases, fish without a licence (see the section Fishing licence).

The holder of an Ontario sportfishing licence is deemed to be the holder of a Québec fishing licence for fishing in zone 25 and in Lac Clarice, Lac Labyrinthe and Lac Raven (zone 13) and in the portion of Lac Saint François (zone 8) located west of a line drawn from Pointe Beaudette on the north shore to Pointe Saint-Louis on the south shore. The same goes for the holder of a New Brunswick fishing licence when he engages in line fishing in the Patapédia (zone 2) and Ristigouche (zones 1 and 2) salmon rivers . The fish caught in these waters and kept are deemed to have been caught in Québec. You must, therefore, take them into account when calculating the catch limit and the possession limit.

A non-resident who wishes to fish north of the 52nd parallel (zones 19 south, 22 north, 23, 24 and 29) or east of the Rivière Saint Augustin (zone 19 south) must use the services of an outfitter.

To obtain additional information, please contact the regional office of the Department in the Nord-du-Québec region or the Côte-Nord region.

Note: To export lake sturgeon or Atlantic sturgeon outside of Canada, you must first obtain a CITES export permit by contacting Fisheries and Oceans Canada at 1 855 869-8670.

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