MFFP - Sport fishing in Québec including salmon fishing - Main rules
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Sport fishing in Québec including salmon fishing
Main rules - Season 2018-2020
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Releasing of fish

Everyone must immediately return any fish, dead or alive, to the water where it was caught while avoiding needlessly injuring the fish if it is still alive:

* It is prohibited to fish in order to intentionally catch a fish species during a period when fishing for the species is prohibited.

It is prohibited to catch and keep redhorses and suckers in certain water bodies. However, carp, which is often confused with the two species, may be kept. The angler must then be able to identify his catches. To avoid confusion when the species are identified, please consult the documentation on the Department website (French).

A fisherman may also release alive a fish that he has just caught and is entitled to keep but must avoid as much as possible injuring the fish. In the case of Atlantic salmon, a daily catch-and-release limit, generally of three fish, may apply. In addition, to preserve and maintain a sporting spirit, the Department, the Fédération québécoise pour le saumon atlantique and the Fédération des gestionnaires de rivières à saumon du Québec encourage anglers to confine themselves to three releases per day.

In all cases, to ensure that the fish survive, follow the method described in the section Sound release practices (French).

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