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Sport fishing in Québec including salmon fishing
Main rules - Season 2018-2020
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Tagging and registration of salmon

Mandatory tagging of salmon

The annual salmon fishing licence is issued with four tags. The salmon caught and kept must be tagged. The three-days licence is issued with one tag. The licence and the tag are only valid during the period indicated on the licence.

Note: During the season, an individual may not under any circumstances catch and keep more than four salmon (see the section entitled "Catch, possession and length limits").

Anyone who catches and keeps a salmon must immediately detach the valid tag issued with the licence and attach it to the fish. For the first three small salmon, the tags must be used in the order in which they are attached to the licence. If a fourth small salmon is kept, or when one big salmon is kept, where the rules so allow, the tag located at the top of the permit, marked “Grand saumon 2018” (Si la règlementation le permet) ou “petit saumon”.

In all bodies of water in Québec where salmon may be kept, the tag placed on the salmon caught must come from the licence of the fisherman who struck the fish, even if someone else handled the fishing rod when the fish was recovered.

It is prohibited for anyone to have in his possession a salmon caught during sportfishing that has not been tagged. It is prohibited to remove the tag except when the salmon is prepared for consumption.

The tag must be attached to the salmon. The following illustration shows examples of where the tag may be placed.

Mandatory registration of catches

Within 48 hours of leaving the fishing site, a fisherman who catches and keeps a salmon must present in person his licence and register the salmon with an individual or an association authorized by the Department, i.e. an outfitting operation that offers salmon fishing, a wildlife reserve or a salmon fishing controlled harvesting zone (ZEC). The whole or gutted salmon must be presented at the time of registration. The angler must allow it to be weighed and measured, the tag to be punched and samples to be taken or scientific expertise to be carried out. In a wildlife reserve, the salmon must be presented whole.

When self-registration is offered at the control point, the angler must register the salmon according to the established procedure. Lastly, the fisherman may also register his salmon by telephone if it is possible to do so in respect of one or several salmon rivers. When no provision is made to register the salmon, a fisherman must register the salmon caught by contacting an office of the Department.

To obtain additional information, please contact an office of the Department (in French only).

Note: An individual must immediately register his salmon when a wildlife protection officer requests that he do so.

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