MFFP-Sport fishing in Québec including salmon fishing- Main rules
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Sport fishing in Québec including salmon fishing
Main rules - Season 2018-2020
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Transportation, possession and identification of fish

At the request of a wildlife protection officer or wildlife protection assistant, anyone who is transporting or has in his possession fish must identify himself and indicate the source of the fish.

In the case of Atlantic salmon, every fisherman who strikes and keeps an Atlantic salmon must comply with the tagging rules (see “Tagging and registration of salmon”).

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Sport Fishing in Québec - 2018-2020 (including salmon fishing)

Live fish

Bearing in mind the fishing periods and catch limits applicable to the fishing site, a fisherman may possess live, while he is fishing and on the fishing site, the fish that he has caught except for Atlantic salmon.

Dead fish

When a fisherman has in his possession elsewhere than at this permanent residence fish caught while sportfishing, the fish must be in a state that makes it possible to determine the species (for example, by leaving sufficient skin on the flesh to identify it), the length and the number. When a length limit applies, the fish must be transported in such a way that its length can be measured.

For the purposes of the length limit for walleye when the fish is filleted, the skin must remain attached to the flesh of the fillet in accordance with the requirements set out in the section entitled “Catch, possession and length limits”.

It is prohibited to ship outside Québec fish caught while sportfishing whose sale is prohibited. However, individuals may take with them when leaving Québec an amount of fish that they caught or that was given to them equivalent to the authorized possession limit for each species. What is more, individuals may take with them when leaving Québec any tagged salmon they caught while sportfishing or that was given to them.

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