MFFP - Sport Hunting - Main rules 2020-2022 - Definitions
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Firearm: Rifle, shotgun and muzzle-loading firearms, depending on the species.

Muzzle-loading firearm: The terms muzzle-loading shotgun and muzzle-loading rifle have different meanings for moose, white-tailed deer and bear hunting. Please consult the "Authorized arms and ammunition" table for additional information.

Antlerless deer: A white-tailed deer doe or buck without antlers, or with antlers measuring less than 7 cm (i.e. including calves).

To hunt: To pursue, chase, worry, stalk, mutilate, call, track, lie in wait for or search for an animal or attempt to do so, while in possession of an arm, or to shoot, kill or capture an animal, or attempt to do so.

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Sport hunting in Québec 2020-2022 - Main rules

To trap: To capture or attempt to capture a fur-bearing animal by means of a trap.

Moose: Includes a male or female moose, or a calf.v

Moose with antlers: A moose with antlers measuring at least 10 cm.

Adult female moose: A female moose over one year of age.

Calf: A male or female moose under one year of age.

Resident: Any person who is domiciled in Québec and who has lived there for at least 183 days during the year preceding his hunting activities or application for a licence or certificate.