MFFP - Sport Hunting - Main rules 2020-2022 - Right to hunt
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Right to hunt

Anyone has the right to hunt in accordance with the law, although such a right does not give a hunter priority of use of a public territory to the detriment of other outdoor enthusiasts nor does it grant him exclusive use of the territory. Furthermore, it is prohibited to deliberately hinder someone who is hunting legally and has legitimately accessed the territory. It should be noted that hinder can, among other things, mean:

The right to hunt may not under any circumstances limit the right of ownership. A landowner may enjoy his property as he sees fit and grant or refuse access to his property to a hunter who makes such a request.

Users must share the territory in a spirit of harmonious cohabitation and ethical behaviour.

Note: Some municipalities regulate firearms discharge on their territory. Please contact your municipality for further information before carrying on with your activities.