MFFP - Sport Hunting - Main rules 2018-2020 - Sale, purchase and possesion of game and fur
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Sport Hunting in Québec
Main Rules April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2020
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Sale, purchase and possession of game and fur

Sale and purchase of game and fur

The sale, exchange and purchase of bear gallbladders and bile is prohibited. Moreover, it is prohibited to sell, purchase or exchange the flesh of white-tailed deer (except if it comes from a game ranch), moose, ruffed grouse, rock ptarmigan, willow ptarmigan, gray partridge, spruce goose, and sharp-tailed grouse. The purchase, sale or exchange of migratory birds is also prohibited.

The sale, exchange and purchase of the flesh of any other animal that has been killed legally are permitted from the third day after the opening of hunting in respect of the animal until the 15th day after such hunting ends, except for the flesh of leopard frogs, green frogs and American bullfrogs, the sale and purchase of which is permitted year-round.

A resident hunter is not obliged to possess either a dealer's licence or a tanner's licence to sell or tan the furs that are the product of his own hunting activities.

Possession of animals or fur

The possession of bear gallbladders removed from the carcass of the animal is prohibited. Anyone who transports or has in his possession an animal (or part of an animal) or raw fur must, at the request of a wildlife protection officer or a wildlife protection assistant, identify himself and indicate the source of the animal or fur.

The possession of whole carcasses or any part of the brain, the spine, the eyes, the retropharyngeal lymph nodes, the tonsils, the testicles and the internal organs of cervids, except caribous, killed outside Québec is prohibited. The prohibitions do not apply to the following anatomical parts:

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