MFFP - Sport Hunting - Main rules 2018-2020 - Zone 21 Technical description
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Sport Hunting in Québec
Main Rules April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2020
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Sport hunting in Québec 2018-2020 - Main rules

Zone 21 - Technical description

Given the complexity of Zone 21, a techical description of its boundaries follows:

It should be noted that hunting for white-tailed deer and moose is prohibited in Zone 21.

Zone 21 includes fleuve and golfe du St-Laurent downstream from pont Pierre-Laporte. Baie des Chaleurs, downstream from the Campbelton bridge. Rivière Saguenay, downstream from the pont Dubuc in Saguenay. It also includes the territory belonging to Îles-de-la-Madeleine situated between latitudes 47°10' N and 48°00' N and between longitudes 61°00' W et 62°20' W including Île d’Entrée, Île du Havre Aubert, Île du Havre aux Maisons, Île du Cap aux Meules, Île aux Loups, Grosse Île, Île de la Grande Entrée, Île Shag, Île Brion, Rocher aux Margaux, Rocher aux Oiseaux and Corps-Mort as well as other islands situated in whole or part within these boundaries.

Islands and islets that are not part of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine electoral division are part of the same zones as the electoral divisions to which these islands and islets are attached except for Île d’Anticosti (Zone 20).

In addition, the part of the following bodies of water is included in Zone 21:

Downstream from the Highway 132 bridge, the following rivers: Bonaventure, Boyer, Cap-Chat, Dartmouth, Grande-Rivière, Matane, de Mont-Louis, Ouelle, Petit Port-Daniel, Port-Joli, Petite rivière du Loup, Rimouski, à la Tortue, Trois Saumons, Verte, Vincelotte and ruisseau Corriveau stream.

Downstream from the Highway 172 bridge, the following rivers: Caribou, aux Outardes, Valin.

Downstream from the Highway 138 bridge, the following rivers: aux Canards, Cazeau, aux Chiens, le Grand-Bras, Malbaie, Manicouagan, Montmorency, Le Moyne, Noire, du Petit Pré, aux Rosiers, du Sault à la Puce, Valin and ruisseau Sainte-Catherine.

Downstream from the CN railway line, the following rivers: du Gouffre, Jean-Noël, Malbaie, du Milieu, Petit Pabos, Grand Pabos-Ouest, Port Daniel, Sainte-Anne du Nord, Petite rivière Saint-François, Saint-Jean, Trois-Pistoles; and the following streams: Gros Ruisseau, Jureux, de la Martine, du Moulin, du Seigneur.

The lower bay of the following rivers: du Chafaud aux Basques, à David, Marguerite, des Petites Îles, du Port aux Quilles, Saint-Athanase, Saint-Étienne; and the following streams: du Moulin, Grand Ruisseau.

Finally, the following rivers: Baie des Rochers, downstream from the old dam; Beauport, downstream from the 440; Cascapédia, downstream from the pillars of the old Highway 132 bridge; Petite Cascapédia, downstream from boulevard Perron bridge; Chaudière, downstream from the towers of the old pont Garneau; Etchemin, downstream from the old bridge; Éternité, downstream from a straight line going through coordinates 48°17'53" N 70°19'58" W and 48°17'56" N 70°20'10" W; Ha! Ha!, downstream from the Highway 170 bridge; Lafleur, downstream from Highway 368; du Loup, downstream from the Highway 20 bridge; Madeleine, downstream from a straight line going through Cap-de-la-Madeleine at coordinate 49°15'00" N 65°19'30" W and the tip of the Dune to the east of the river at coordinate 49°14'50" N 65°19'16" W; à Mars, downstream from a straight line going through coordinates 48°20'28" N 70°52'40" W and 48°20'12" N 70°52'32" W; des Mères, downstream from Chemin Lemieux; du Moulin, downstream from the Highway 372 bridge; Nouvelle, downstream from a straight line that is perpendicular to the current going through the mouth of ruisseau de la Cloche; aux Outardes, downstream from barrage aux Outardes-2; Petit Saguenay, downstream from a straight line perpendicular to the current starting from ruisseau Alvidas; Portneuf, downstream from the first dam located upstream of Highway 138; Port au Persil, down from chemin de Port-au-Persil; Port au Saumon, downstream from chemin du Vieux-Quai bridge; Sainte-Anne, downstream from the bridge of 1re Avenue Ouest in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts; Saint-Charles, downstream from pont-tunnel Joseph-Samson; Saint-Jean (Saguenay), downstream from a straight line perpendicular to the current starting from the dividing line of lots 62 and 7b (canton Saint-Jean); Sainte-Marguerite, downstream from the footbridge linking lot 12 of Rang Ouest to lot D of Rang Est (canton Albert); du Sud, downstream from the dam; York, downstream from the Gaspé bridge.

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