MFFP - Sport Hunting - Main rules 2020-2022 - Main new measures
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Main new mesures

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ATTENTION: It is possible that, after the publication of these rules, hunting practices change in the wake of an agreement between the Québec government and an Aboriginal nation or an Aboriginal community, represented by its band council. Indeed, in its resolutions of March 20, 1985 and May 30, 1989, the National Assembly formally recognized Québec's 11 Aboriginal nations and their specific rights within the framework of the legislation in force. The Québec government opted to negotiate with the Aboriginal nations in order to conclude agreements to better define and clarify the exercising of their activities. This approach hinges at once on the historic legitimacy and importance for Québec society of establishing with the Aboriginal peoples harmonious relations centred on mutual respect and trust. To obtain additional information on possible modifications, please contact the Department Customer Services at the MFFP or one of its regional offices.