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Trapping in Québec
Main regulations - Season 2018-2020
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Main new elements in 2018-2020 

  • Update to the list of certified traps;
  • Harmonize trapping seasons and group species and furbearer management units;
  • Harmonize trapping seasons for muskrat and American mink using submarine traps;
  • Remove the bag limits for lynx and bobcat.

In this publication, these new elements are highlighted in grey or the addition of an icone .

ATTENTION: During the season, the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs may deem it necessary to modify or close the trapping season for conservation or management purposes where required. To find out the trapping seasons that may have been modified, consult the News section in the electronic version on the Internet or contact the Department's Customer Services at 1 877 346-6763.

Moreover, following the publication, it is also possible that the practice of trapping could be changed, in one way or another, following an agreement between the Gouvernement du Québec and a Native Nation or a band council. The Québec National Assembly, in its resolution of March 20, 1985 and of May 30, 1989, has formally recognized eleven Native Nations in Québec and the possibility of exercising their particular rights under Québec’s laws. The Gouvernement du Québec has thus chosen to negotiate with these nations in order to reach agreements that would better recognize and specify the exercise of their activities. In this process there is a historical basis, and it is considered important for Québec society to establish harmonious relations based on mutual respect and trust. For more information in the event of such a modification, you can contact the Department's Customer Services at 1 877 346-6763.

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