Québec's 2014-2020
Lake Trout Management Plan


Lake trout fishing in Québec: new measures to improve the status of lake trout stocks.

New measures under Québec’s first Lake Trout Management Plan are aimed at restoring lake trout populations in central and southern parts of the province more quickly while protecting the outstanding northern fishery.


By following these regulations, you will help preserve this species that is the pride and joy of over 70,000 Québec fishers.

New size and catch limits and new sub-zoning.

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Make sure that any lake trout you keep fall within size limits for the zone where they were taken. Limits also apply to lake trout hybrids (splake). Fish must be transported whole (or whole and eviscerated).

Winter fishing prohibited in order to sustain populations

Winter removal of lake trout has a significant effect on the health status of lake trout populations. To ensure good summer fishing for the greatest possible number of people, winter lake trout fishing is now prohibited throughout Québec, and winter fishing of all species is prohibited in lake trout lakes within fishing zones 1 to 15, 18, 21, 26, 27, and 28. Some exceptions may apply.

In certain lake trout lakes where population health is considered of high concern, lake trout must now be returned to the water regardless of size.

For all applicable regulations, see Sport Fishing in Québec.

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