Public consultation on the draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Forest Management

Québec’s forests are diverse, productive ecosystems that generate many ecological services of benefit to society. For example, they regulate water and the weather, they filter the air, the produce timber and non-timber forest products, and they host fishing, hunting, trapping and leisure activities. The benefits associated with the forests contribute directly to the socioeconomic vitality of Québec and its regions, and to the wellbeing of its population.

In the coming decades, the forests will be exposed to a climate that is very different from the one to which they have adapted. The MFFP, as the manager of Québec’s public forests and a facilitating partner for private woodlot development, is commited to preserve the resources and the economic, social and environmental benefits generated by the forests for Québec as a whole.

The MFFP is therefore committing to adapt its practices to manage the risk and opportunities associated with the current and potential impacts of climate change.

It is for this reason that it is now preparing the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Forest Management. The Strategy, prepared in partnership with forestry sector stakeholders, is designed to strengthen the development and integration of information on the impacts of climate change from an adaptive risk management standpoint.

Once adopted, the Strategy will play an important role in presenting the climate change adaptation measures to be applied by the MFFP and its partners in the coming years. In doing so, it will help to achieve the aims of the government action plan to manage risks associated with the current and potential impacts of climate change and take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

Accordingly, citizens, their representatives and all forestry sector stakeholders and experts are invited to comment on and help to improve the draft Strategy.

The consultation process

You are invited to state your views of the proposed key topics and objectives set out in the new Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Forest Management, at any time during the period from October 12 to December 12, 2021. The comments received will be used to finalize the Strategy by enriching its content with ideas put forward by respondents, whether they be citizens or sector stakeholders.

A consultation report will also be produced and published, describing the consultation process and summarizing the comments received.

The draft Strategy is structured around four key topics:

  • Key Topic 1 – In-depth knowledge of the impacts of climate change
  • Key Topic 2 – Stronger management of risk associated with natural disturbances
  • Key Topic 3 – Maintenance of the forest’s productive capacity and the associated benefits
  • Key Topic 4 – Ongoing access to the forest

Each key topic has a set of related objectives and concrete measures, which are set out in detail in the consultation documents (the draft Strategy and overview).

You may submit your comments using the online questionnaire or in the form of a brief, letter or opinion.

If you would like additional information, please contact us by e-mail at

Thank you for your cooperation!