Forest management issues in Québec

Since 2014, the Québec government has implemented an information-based process to make information available about sound forest management practices and answer questions from the purchasers of Québec forest products. As part of this process, authorities from the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs have visited several dozen enterprises that purchase supplies of paper or other timber products from Québec forests. During these meetings, the enterprises emphasized that the ongoing availability of information on subjects of topical or current interest is one of their priorities for the support of purchasing policies. As an extension of these initial activities, a series of leaflets containing factual information and accurate data on boreal forest issues in Québec is now available: In the coming weeks and months the following subjects will also be addressed:
  • Relations with Aboriginal nations;
  • Public reporting of the state of the forest in Québec;
  • The fight against climate change.
Depending on current events and other events with impacts on forests and forest management in Québec, the leaflets published will be updated or other themes may be addressed.