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Investors who choose Québec are also choosing sustainable forest resource development, a strategic geographical location, a diverse range of infrastructures, a highly advantageous tax system and a competent workforce.

A Well-Established Industry

Québec’s manufacturing sector is dominated by the forest products industry, which includes the wood products, pulp, paper and board industries (SCIAN 321 and 322). In 2012, the industry generated shipments valued at $16.1 billion, a trade surplus of $5.4 billion and roughly 51,000 direct jobs. According to our most recent data, forest products are the principal and in some cases the only source of manufacturing activity in nearly 209 municipalities throughout Québec (Source: Statistics Canada).

Québec: An International Hub

Québec, with its strategic geographical location, is an excellent base for exporters. Montreal, its economic capital, is located at the heart of an extensive network of land-based and maritime transportation corridors, and is less than 1,000 kilometres from the major cities of Boston, New York, Washington, Detroit and Toronto, with access to a population pool of more than 100 million people.

A Competitive Economic Environment

Québec offers a highly competitive business environment, where the average cost of establishing and operating a business is lower than in countries such as Germany, France, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom and the rest of Canada.

In addition to this, Québec has a four million-strong workforce known for its skill, dynamism and creativity. An overwhelming majority of its workers (85%) have a secondary school diploma or higher qualification (Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey).

Partnership Opportunities

There are other advantages to investing in Québec’s forest products industry. For example, Québec has created a range of State-owned corporations and parapublic venture capital agencies such as Investissement Québec, which are extremely effective as economic development tools. In fact, Québec is Canada’s risk capital champion.