The Northern Wildlife Program

Objectives of the program

The Northern Wildlife Program seeks to develop and put to good use the wildlife resources in the territory that the Plan Nord  covers in addition to fostering the participation of local and Aboriginal communities. The projects selected must contribute to increasing economic spinoff from wildlife activities such as hunting, fishing, trapping and wildlife watching for local and Aboriginal communities and for Québec as a whole.


The financial assistance can represent up to 75% of allowable expenses depending on the organization’s legal status.

Eligibility requirements

The following organizations are eligible for the program if they own or operate an establishment located in the territory that the Plan Nord covers or if they are developing a wildlife project that targets the territory that the Plan Nord covers:
  • organizations that operate an outfitting operation;
  • associations or federations devoted to wildlife activities;
  • organizations authorized pursuant to a memorandum of understanding to manage controlled harvesting zones (ZECs);
  • municipal bodies;
  • Aboriginal communities and nations recognized by the National Assembly of Québec;
  • organizations or corporations established pursuant to the northern agreements;
  • any other organization devoted to wildlife activities.
Types of eligible projects:
  • reception and accommodation facilities and equipment;
  • promotion;
  • development projects;
  • business or development plans.

To submit a project

You must fill out the form and submit it to the MFFP. The program will be in force until March 31, 2020 or until the available funds are exhausted.


To obtain additional information, please contact the Direction de mise en valeur de la faune et de l’éducation au 418-627-8691, ext. 7426, or by email (