What is a national park?

The gouvernement du Québec has established a network of national parks to ensure the protection of our collective natural heritage so everyone can appreciate its value. Lands representative of Québec’s natural landscapes as well as any exceptional natural sites are protected and passed down from generation to generation, managed for the benefit of anyone seeking to discover nature’s diversity and bounty.

Today, Québec’s national parks network includes 27 areas and covers 42,765.55 sq. km. (2.5% of Québec). Added to that is the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park, covering an area of 1,246 sq. km., which is jointly managed by the Canadian and Québec governments.

These protected areas constitute special spaces where the preservation of nature is guaranteed. Park lands evolve naturally with intervention only to protect and appropriately develop the land for our exploration. Québec’s parks form a substantial contribution by Québec society to protect the land’s biodiversity.

For years, millions of nature lovers have visited parks in Québec’s network. These exceptional places are part of each region’s tourism development and help support thousands of jobs in the province.

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