Roles and responsibilities

The Ministère’s mandate is to plan and develop Québec’s network of national parks and supervise their management.

According to the Parks Act  and the Parks Regulation , main responsibilities include creating new national parks and modifying the boundaries of existing parks, drafting and revising the Policy for Québec national parks and master plans, and monitoring their implementation.

On top of preserving these lands, the Government is also required to make them accessible to the public for educational purposes and outdoor activities that are compatible with the protection mission.

In certain national parks, the Ministère also monitors the operation of areas governed by land leases.

Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (Sépaq)

Operation of Québec’s national parks located south of the 50th parallel has fallen under the responsibility of the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec  (Sépaq) since 1999. Sépaq’s mandate is to ensure the protection of these parks, as well as their sustainable use by offering activities and services that respect their natural and cultural heritage features. Sépaq is also responsible for the promotion of the activities and services offered in the parks located in southern Québec.

Kativik Regional Government (KRG)

The operation of parks created in Nunavik (north of the 55th parallel) has been assigned to the Kativik Regional Government  (KRG). The KRG is also responsible for studies leading to the creation of additional national parks in this region.

These responsibilities were given to the KRG in 2002 under an agreement to develop Québec’s national parks in Nunavik. The agreement was signed by the gouvernement du Québec, the Makivik Corporation, and the KRG as a result of the commitment made in the Entente Sanarrutik, also signed in 2002, regarding the economic and community development of Nunavik.

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