Maps of the Leaf River Herd Migration


The Ministry would like to inform clients that the maps only show the migration of the Leaf River Herd. Given concerns about the George River Herd, the Ministry stopped its seasonal publishing in November 2010.

Since August 2014, the maps show the distribution area of the Leaf River Herd during a given period and no longer show the location and movement of individual animals. Outlines indicate the approximate distribution area of the population using data from over one hundred individuals of one year and older in an approximate proportion of  70% females and 30% males.

Although the sample of caribou fitted with a telemetric collar is an overall representation of the population, other caribou are likely to be found outside the outlines shown on the map.

Link to maps showing the migration of the Leaf River Herd



To obtain maps prior to 2017, please contact the Customer services.