Provincial fur-bearing animal harvest status reports 2014-2015

The reviews show the status at the end of the 2014-2015 trapping season. The time lag between the data presented and production of the review reflects the time that was needed to obtain and enter information on all transactions and sale prices. In addition, the data presented in the reviews were obtained mainly from form ML-414 (fur sale transaction) and trappers’ records. They are therefore dependent on the accuracy of the trappers’ declarations. The data are used as a basis for management decisions and must therefore represent the situation as it exists, otherwise the species profile may be incorrect and the resulting decisions may be unsuitable.

Information to help understand the reviews

BeaverRiver otterMuskratAmerican minkRaccoonStriped skunkFisherAmerican martenCanada lynxBobcatRed foxCoyoteGrey wolfArtic foxWeasels and ermineRed squirrel