Québec Walleye Management Plan 2016-2026

The 2011-2016 Walleye Management Plan has been extended for ten years, covering the period 2016 to 2026. The objectives remain the same, but some measures have been adjusted to help re-establish the species, maintain or improve fishery quality, and harmonize the provincial regulations.

2016-2026 management plan – New measures

  • Replacement of the 32 cm minimum length by a size limit of 37 to 53 cm, with the possibility of keeping a walleye over 53 cm long in fishing zones 16, 17 and 22;
  • replacement of the 32 cm minimum length by a size limit of 32 to 47 cm in fishing zone 13;
  • prohibition on using a longbow, crossbow or harpoon while swimming to fish for walleye;
  • elimination of exceptions, including the Gouin reservoir (minimum length of 32 cm replaced by a size limit of 32 to 47 cm);
  • increase in the duration of the management plan to match the 10-year standard for all aquatic wildlife management plans;
  • introduction of a management plan for walleye seeding;
  • requirement that all walleye be transported whole, whole and gutted, or as wallet fillets in places where a size limit applies.

By complying with all the regulatory measures, you will help preserve a species that is enjoyed by over 300,000 of your fellow fishers in Québec.

Size limits … throughout Québec

General rules (exceptions may apply)

The new measures will be in force form 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2026.

Make sure that the length of the walleye that you keep respects the size limits set for each zone.

To learn more about all of the applicable regulatory measures, consult the regulatory information Sport Fishing in Québec .

Walleye: make sure you can identify it!

Transporting walleye

In most zones in Québec, walleye and sauger must be transported whole or in wallet fillets. This is to permit identification of the walleye species and to establish total length.



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