Form to report a raccoon, skunk or fox may have rabies

Use this form to report a sick, injured or dead wild animal found in the Montérégie or Estrie region that you suspect may have rabies. In the case of a dead animal, the declaration is relevant even if it is a road kill.

Report a sick or a dead raccoon, skunk or fox

A raccoon, skunk or fox:

  • that is dead, even if it is a road kill; or
  • that displays one of the following symptoms:
    • it seems very sick;
    • it is dying;
    • it seems disoriented;
    • it is unusually aggressive;
    • it is paralyzed.

Elsewhere in Quebec, if you are concerned about the behaviour or health of a wild animal, you can report it by calling 1-877-346-6763.

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