Wildlife Protection

In 1867, Canada’s oldest wildlife protection agency was created, right here in Québec. These wildlife resource protection pioneers were given the mandate to apply a law designed to protect animal species. Over the years, the responsibilities of wildlife protection officers have increased. Originally called gamekeepers and fish wardens, their efforts to fight poaching and protect wildlife today are combined with:

  • the conservation of wildlife habitats;
  • the application of measures related to wildlife diseases and invasive alien species;
  • awareness-raising in the public;
  • immobilization of wild animals that wander into urban areas;
  • safety, in collaboration with other public protection agencies;
  • supervising land guardians and assistants (wildlife partners).

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In order to obtain additional evidence to create a notice of offence (a ticket), they can count on the support of the following entities to help in their investigative work.

Notice (14-day)

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Please see the general introduction leaflet if you would like to know more about Wildlife Protection Québec.