Methods of preventing the introduction and propagation of exotic invasive species

Inspection and cleaning of boats and equipment

See the Guide to Best Practices in Aquatic Environments to Prevent the Introduction and Propagation of Aquatic Invasive Species  – summary version .

To avoid propagating exotic invasive species between lakes, you must apply the necessary precautionary measures, as follows:

  • Inspect your boat, trailer and other equipment and remove all clumps or fragments of aquatic plants, as well as all mud and organisms that are visible to the naked eye. These items should be discarded in a location (e.g. a garbage can) that will prevent them from being reintroduced into the natural environment
  • Empty any water that may be left in your boat or other equipment (e.g. holding box, motor, bilge or cooler) before leaving the lake
  • Clean and dry your boat and trailer, as well as any other equipment that came into contact with the water
  • Repeat all these steps when you plan to visit a new lake.