Online products and services

The Department offers several different types of products and services online:

  • Access to banks of documents, maps, plans and photographs in the Department’s various fields of activity
  • Application downloads
  • Online subscription services
  • Online payment of orders
  • Payment of certain invoices (dues and royalties)

The following is an overview of our online product and service sites. These services are available in French only.

  • Annual forest management plans and reports 
    The AFMPR site enables TSFMA and FMC holders to submit annual forest management plans (AFMP) in digital format, as well as related documents such as compiled and analyzed inventory data (CAID). The site offers users the advantage of submitting an AFMP for pre-validation before filing the official version.
  • Forestry permit for the harvest of firewood for domestic purposes
    Some regions offer an online service to apply for a permit to harvest firewood for domestic purposes. In these cases, an interactive map allows you to view authorized or prohibited harvesting areas and locate the application geographically. In addition, an online form is available to electronically capture, validate and transmit the required information to the appropriate management unit office.
  • Management plans and forestry-related themes 
    This section covers the Bas-Saint-Laurent Region and provides information on where, when and how the various forest management operations will be carried out in forests in the domain of the State. It also offers information on various forestry-related themes.
  • Scaling and Invoicing Portal 
    The Scaling and Invoicing Portal allows forest companies to submit their scaling data, consult their dues invoices and pay their royalties and contributions to the Forest Fund by direct bank deposit.
  • Wood processing plant operating permits 
    This application enables users to consult and pay to renew their operating permits for primary wood processing plants online.